Following college at Emile Verhaeren and high school at Florent Schmidt, St Cloud, Pierre went on to get an associate degree in Photography and design at E.F.E.T. (Ecole Française     d’Enseignement Technique), followed by being hired by Viva Press, under the supervision of photographer / co-founder Martine Franck.

An increasing interest in music led to a 4 year stint as a sales associate at Music Land, Paris, while studying music in a self-taught program.
The pull for live performance then led to full-time employment as a professional musician, touring with french artists Karim Kacel (Pathe-EMI) and Julie Pietri (CBS) for the best of 5 years, while recording with many other artists as a session bassist.

Session work include collaborations with :

   Saroumane (RCA)
   Didier Marouani (Trema)
   Karim Kacel (EMI)
   Julie Pietri (CBS)
   Air-One (EMI)
   Luc Borigène (EMI)
   Nick Garrie (Elefant)
   Nik Haimo
   Producer Erwan Le Marc’Hadour
   Producer Jacques Emmanuel Rousselon
   Yerso (Vox Terra)
   Bald (XIII Bis)
   One+One (Bird)
   …commercial sessions and more.


1989 saw a move to Los Angeles. 

Getting a position as a sales associate at Lab Sound, Hollywood, catering to the professional guitarists as a technical advisor. 
Lab Sound then was subsequently acquired by Mesa Boogie, with the team kept active.

The following years saw a sound design interest and work as a foley artist on over 100 movies. Clients include L’Azur Studios (Turner Classic Movies), and P.O.P. Santa Monica (Fox’s Hotline). 

More session and performance work as a bass player took place as collaborations with: 

   Producer Debra Holland
   Robert Thomas Jr (of Weather Report)
   Roy Hay (of Culture Club)
   Eleanor Academia
   Greg Johnson
   Two Steps From Hell
   Malcolm Cross
   Nick Phoenix
   Simon Petty
   Producer Mark Tierney
   Matty J Ruys
   Composer Steve Gurevich
   Composer Sophia Morizet
   Producer Jeremy Yeremian
   Isaac Johnson
   The Vineyard
   Shawn Tubbs
   Thomas Irvine
   Lygia Ferra
   Producer Carter Clements
   Ted Brown
   Producer Billy White Acre
   Greg Nicholson


ProTools engineering in the form of recording, editing and producing sound samples libraries : 

Co-produced Quantum Leap “Hardcore Bass & XP” software plug-in. 

Sample editing and programing on Quantum Leap’s :

   Guitar & Bass
   Symphonic Orchestra & Pro XP
   Symphonic Choirs
   SD2-The Next Generation
   SD2 Pro
   Voices of Passion
   Ministry of Rock 1 & 2
   Hollywood Strings
   Hollywood Brass
   StormDrum 3


Producing and composing for the television, movie and internet industry:

Credits include:

   Universal Studios Pictures
       ‘Dream House’ trailer
       ‘Smokin' Aces 2’ trailer
   Hollywood Online
   Stanlee Media
   “Out for Blood”,feature, additional music
   “Penny Dreadful”, feature, additional music
   “Dead Falls”, mini-feature, original score.


Commercial Video Reel :


Composing for music libraries:

   Music Junkies
   Creative Soundscapes