Pierre  Martin



Born in France, 1958


Raised in St-Cloud, France, studies towards an associate degree in Photography and design at E.F.E.T. (Ecole Française d’Enseignement Technique), followed by a stint at Viva Press under the supervision of the late photographer / co-founder Martine Franck, all the while studying music with a similar interest.

Pierre spends most of the 80’s working as a free-lance musician,  1989 sees to a move to Los Angeles.

While composing music and performing is still on the forefront of his activities, photography has now taken an equal importance in his creative endeavors.

YourDailyPhotograph.com Is now carrying a selection of Pierre’s works, also available at the Duncan Miller Gallery.

DM for photoshoots, prints and licensing inquiries.

Email : pm1012@me.com

Instagram : @nofrets1012


Photo Credit : Xtine Martin